Finally, learn permaculture centered around plant medicine

You don't need to forage from the wild, you can create your own wildscape and garden in both urban and rural settings using these fundamental principles

  • Learn the guiding principles behind any good permaculture project

  • Master how to manage water and soil resources to create sustainable and regenrative gardens

  • Get inspiring ideas for what sorts of medicinal plants to include, especially in more arid and hotter regions

  • Get connected to other empowering examples of permaculture projects and how to design your own

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Setting the Stage: Understanding Permaculture

    • Permaculture for Herbalists - Introduction to Key Concepts

    • Principles of Permaculture

    • Permaculture for Herbalists - slides that accompany video on The Permaculture Principles

    • From Agriculture to Permaculture by Toby Hemenway

  • 3

    Learning about our Natural Resources and Getting Inspiration

    • Permaculture for Herbalists - Elements of Permaculture Design (Class 1, part 2)

    • Morrow-Microclimates

    • Morrow -Windbreaks

    • Resources include SWOT Analysis, Site Observation, Pc Design Checklist

    • YouTube links to resources on Water, Soil

    • Slides Permaculture for Herbalists - that accompany video on Elements of Ecology and Permaculture Design

  • 4

    Urban Apothecaries

    • Garden Apothecaries

    • Resources include Permaculture book recommendations, Permaculture Plant Lists & Plant Profile Template

    • Permaculture for Herbalists Garden Apothecary Design Assignment

  • 5

    How to Connect Your Permaculture to Your Herbalism

    • Seeding your Garden Apothecary with the Principles of Permaculture

    • Hildegard's Medieval Garden

    • 2018-Medications of MedeivalMonasteryMedicine

    • Medeiros2012TheBenedictineMonkPharmacy(1823-1829)

    • The Four Humours- from The Herbal Academy

    • History of Physiomedicalism by Todd Caldecott

    • Garden Apothecary - Herbs to Consider

    • Sustainable World Radio Ecology & Permaculture Podcast

    • HobbsChristopher2016 - Herbal-Actions

    • Permaculture for Herbalists - slides that accompany Urban Gardening & Garden Apothecary video

  • 6

    Going Deep with Water

    • Water

    • Swales: The Permaculture element that really hold water

    • From the Bottom Up – A DIY guide to wicking beds

    • Slides for Water Class

  • 7

    Digging Into Soil

    • Soil

    • How to perform a remote property assessment in 10 minutes (slope)

    • 8 Steps to make better garden soil

  • 8

    The Future: Social Permaculture, Transition towns, Earthships

    • Social Permaculture, Transition towns, Earthships

    • The Transition Towns Movement

    • In Transition - the movie

    • Ecovillages, Ecocities, and Transition Towns

    • Permaculture for Herbalists - social permaculture, transitions towns, earthships (presentation slides)

  • 9

    More Permaculture Resources

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • Ecological Gardening Download

    • Permaculture Plant Lists & Plant Profile Template

    • Permaculture Guilding

    • Forest Gardening Resources from YouTube



Jenny Perez

Jenny is a Community Herbalist, Horticulturist, and Permaculture Design Specialist. In addition to loving all things green, she is enjoys creating and teaching about herbal preparations from garden apothecaries. After completing Bastyr’s University’s herbal sciences undergraduate program, Jenny accepted a job as the herb garden manager, a position she held for seven years. While there, Jenny taught student interns in the federal work-study program and transformed the University’s 5,000-square-foot herbal garden into a living laboratory. Jenny Perez joined the American Botanical Council team in September 2012 as the organization’s new education coordinator. She has been teaching at the school since 2015. She teaches parts of our Intermediate program in person in Austin, as well as our online course Permaculture for Herbalists.

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