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Welcome to the magical "viriditas arcana", or green path. This deep dive into herbalism offers an authoritative, practical, and empowering learning experience with with videos, assignments, live office hours, and unique ways to learn about holistic, socially and environmentally responsible herbalism.

  • Modern takes using ancient wisdom on common ailments and how to approach them holistically with herbs

  • Built for budding herbalists with unique needs, who may feel resistant to online learning

  • Bundled with our Recipes for Resistance Course, teaching both traditional and modern remedies including recipes

  • Bundled with our Materia Medica Course that goes in depth with over 90 herbs, videos, and quick reference

  • Hot off the press! Downloadable EBook and WorkBook

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Introduction to our Home & Family Program

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Making the Best Choice for your Education

Authoritative yet approachable and supportive learning for those that are serious about their herbal journey

This is it!!! 🍄🍂After two decades of training 100s of herbalists in person, I am now offering this deep dive into holistic, deeply ecological, herbalism with the🦋 Home and Family HerbCraft Program🦋 part of my Budding Herbalist Course Bundle that begins January 2021🍄 If you’ve been searching for a way to connect with plants, yourself, and find expert support to go deep into the world of socially-just, eco- conscious plant medicine, this is it. 🦂 . Now, more than ever, we need well-trained herbalists that can support their families, communities & the Earth. If you feel that the plants have called to you to go deep, I am here to support you in answering that calling.🐝 . Learning HerbCraft through the Wildflower School is life-changing, and I translate what can be an overwhelming amount of information into real, practical steps that you can take to help your family live the herbal lifestyle and bring knowledge, not information into your home.🐞 . Our program introduces you to the many layers of herbal healing from spiritual, emotional, physical, and guides you to the community level where you can make a real impact. One of the things that makes this course special is how heart-centered the training is, and the inclusion of using herbs to heal ourselves, our communities, and the Earth. I encourage our students to take a creative & active part in the future of herbalism with your own HerbCrafting.🕷 . I truly believe that putting a herbalist in every home is the way to circumvent the race towards the sixth mass extinction humans have initiated and I have dedicated my life to growing these great herbalists.🐛 . This new world of pandemics and protests has provided me with the focus for finishing the course for you to enjoy & I am so excited to share it with you beginning January 1, 2021 to start the new year off right. To check out all of the details, head to the link in the bio. Early registration has started, and if you need a payment plan, we have one! Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions! 🐜. .


Director, Founder, Lead Instructor

Nicole Telkes

Awarded 2019 Community Service Award American Herbalists Guild for my work Freeing Fire Cider. Awarded 2019 Community Builder Award American Botanical Council for my work Freeing Fire Cider. I believe strongly in herbal medicine being “the people’s medicine” and putting “an herbalist in every home.” As a deep ecologist, I focus on “weedcrafting” bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants in herb practice. I have worked full time as a herbalist for over two decades and have a great passion for the green path and education. I teach all levels of herb classes, and present at conferences and symposiums which in the past have included The American Herbalist Guild National Symposium; Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, International Herb Symposium, The American Botanical Council's Herb Day Event, The NE Women's Herbal Symposium, The Traditional Roots Institute's Symposium, The Native Plant Society of Texas Symposium, Plant Medicine Online Summit, The Grow Network's Home Grown Summit, Mother Earth Living Fair, and the Moonflower Herbfest I have provided clinic Support for WTO Seattle, Common Ground Health Clinic, Occupy Medical, and a Sundance Clinic. I've been published in Earth First! Journal, Plant Healer, and The Home Herbalist Magazine, and AHG Newsletter. In 2016, I founded a chapter of Herbalists without Borders. I am a founding member of the Traditions Not Trademark Campaign to Free Fire Cider and won a 4 year federal court battle proving genericism and returning the term back to the herbal community. I am the author of the book the Medicinal Plants of Texas. To schedule an appointment or obtain herbs from me, please contact me here or go to

Herb Crafting for a Healthier Planet

Start your year off right with a life changing experience


  • How long does this Program take to complete

    We expect that this program will take approximately 6 months to complete and you will have a full year of access.

  • How many hours a week should I expect to spend working on things

    From our experience if you spend 1-3 hours a week on your work you should be done in about 6 months. There are some assignments that go along with the program, so the more your put in, the more you get our of the program

  • What makes this program different?

    Nicole Telkes, is a well respected expert in the world of herbal medicine. She is the Director of the Wildflower School, has been a practicing herbalist, forager, and clinician, for over 25 years. She began teaching in 2000, and the Wildflower School began programs in 2003. Every year she takes input from the teacher and student body to evolve the curriculum. Nicole's passion is education, she is a celebrated author, speaker, and activist most recently celebrated for her work to free Fire Cider. The program is carefully constructed so that future studies build upon the knowledge you gain here. Nicole has recreated her onsite program in a structure that is more digestible and useful. Its not about quantity, but the quality of the education. The goal of the program is to give you working knowledge that you can apply in your life, not just a bunch of information. The end result is becoming one of the amazing herbalists that are part of our Wildflower Community and creating the world we want to see.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes! Click at the top and you can choose between a lump sum or monthly payments

  • Do you have any scholarships or sliding scale options?

    Yes, we are saving seats for those that need assistance, and as part of our commitment to being inclusive we are donating 10 seats this year to BIPOC, Women, Elders, and students in the LGBTQIA Communities. We are putting up an application process soon, so send us a message if you'd like one. We are also offering a sliding scale payment options to anyone making under 50,000 dollars a year, so again contact us if you'd like an application.

  • Are there any refunds on this investment?

    Yes! We offer a full refund minus a $25 processing fee for up to one week after the program starts. We want you to feel completely secure in your investment with us. There are no refunds after the first 7 days of class.