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Unlike paper books, which can get stagnant and need updates, this online resource is like no other. Our materia medica members get to listen to videos and review text on a large library of over 90 plants that is constantly being added to. Every month or two, you will receive updates on what's new for members. All information is curated by Nicole Telkes and includes her own take on the medicinal uses of the plants, growing, harvesting considerations, and even substitutes. Take a peek!

Plant Allies

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    Materia Medica: The Allies

    • Alfalfa Leaf: Medicago sativa

    • Aloe Leaf: Aloe vera et al.

    • Arnica Leaf & Flower: Arnica montana et. al.

    • Artichoke leaf :Cynara scolymus

    • Ashwaganda Root: Withania somnifera

    • Astragalus Root: Astragalus membranaceous

    • Barberry Outer Bark: Berberis

    • Black Cohosh Root: Actea/Cimicifuga racemosa

    • Bilberries: Vaccinium spp

    • Boneset Leaf: Eupatorium perfoliatum

    • Burdock Seed and Root: Arctium lappa

    • Calendula Leaf and Flower: Calendula officinalis

    • California Poppy Aboveground Parts in Flower: Eschscholzia californica

    • Catnip Leaf: Nepeta cataria

    • Cedar Leaf: Thuja plicata

    • Chamomile Aboveground parts in Flower: Matricaria recutita

    • Chili Pepper Fruit: Capsicum annuum

    • Chaparral Leaf: Larrea tridentata

    • Chasteberry Berries: Vitex agnus-castus

    • Chickweed Leaf: Stellaria media

    • Cinnamon Bark: Cinnamonum verum

    • Cleavers Leaf: Galium aparine

    • Clove Buds: Syzygium aromaticum

    • Comfrey Leaf and Root: Symphytum officinale

    • Dandelion Leaf and Root Taraxacum officinale

    • Dong Quai Root: Angelica sinensis

    • Echinacea Seed and Root: Echinacea spp

    • Elderberry Flower and Berry: Sambucus canadensis et al

    • Elecampane Root: Inula helenium

    • Eleuthero Root: Eleuthero senticosus

    • Elm Leaf and Bark: Ulmus spp

    • Eucalyptus Leaf: Eucalyptus globulus

    • Evening Primrose Aboveground Parts in Flower: Oenothera speciosa et al

    • Fennel Leaf and Seed: Foeniculum vulgare

    • Garlic Clove: Allium sativum

    • Ginger Rhizome: Zingiber officinalis

    • Gotu Kola Leaf: Centella asiatica

    • Green Tea Leaf: Camellia sinensis

    • Hawthorne Leaf, Flower, and Berry: Crataegus spp

    • Hibiscus Calyx: Hibiscus sabdarifa

    • Horsetail Stem: Equisetum arvense/hyemale

    • Juniper leaf and Berry: Juniperus spp

    • Kava Kava Root: Piper methysticum

    • Lambsquarters leaf: Chenopodium berlandieri

    • Lavender Leaf and Buds: Lavendula spp

    • Lemon Balm Leaf: Melissa officinalis

    • Lemongrass Leaves: Cymbopogon citratus

    • Licorice Root: Glycyrrhiza glabra

    • Marshmallow Root: Althea officinalis

    • Milk Thistle Seed: Silybum marianum

    • Mint Leaf: Mentha piperita

    • Motherwort Aboveground Parts in Flower: Leonurus cardiaca

    • Mullein Whole Plant: Verbascum thapsus

    • Nettle Leaf and Root: Urtica spp

    • Oak Leaf and Bark: Quercus sp

    • Onion: Allium cepa

    • Orange or Lemon: Citrus spp

    • Passionflower Leaf and Flower: Passiflora spp

    • Plantain Leaf and Seed: Plantago sp

    • Prickly Ash Outer Bark and Berry: Zanthoxylum spp

    • Purslane Leaf: Portulaca oleracea

    • Raspberry leaf: Rubus idaeus

    • Red Clover Blossoms: Trifolium pratense

    • Red Root Bark and Root: Ceanothus spp

    • Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Body Ganoderma spp

    • Rosemary Leaf: Salvia officinalis

    • Rose Petals and Fruit: Rosa spp

    • Sage Leaf: Salvia spp

    • Sarsparilla Rhizome: Smilax spp

    • Saw Palmetto Berry: Serenoa repens

    • Seaweed: Fucus spp

    • Shatavari Root: Asparagus racemosa

    • Skullcap Leaf: Scutellaria spp

    • Sow Thistle Leaf: Sonchus oleracea

    • St Johns Wort Flower Hypericum perforatum

    • Thyme Leaf: Thymus vulgaris

    • Tulsi Leaf: Ocimum sanctum

    • Turmeric Root: Curcuma longa

    • Valerian Root: Valeriana officinalis

    • Vervain Aboveground Parts in Flower: Verbena spp

    • Violet Leaf: Viola spp

    • Vomitwort Aboveground Parts in Flower: Lobelia inflata et al

    • Wild Cherry Bark: Prunus serotina

    • Wild Indigo: Baptisia spp

    • Wild Oat Grass and Seed: Avena sativa/fatua

    • Willow Outer Bark: Salix spp

    • Wild Yam Root: Dioscorea villosa

    • Witch Hazel Leaf and Bark: Hamamelis virginiana

    • Wood Betony Aboveground Parts in Flower: Stachys spp

    • Yarrow Whole Plant: Achillea millefolium

    • Yellow Dock Root: Rumex crispus

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