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    Understanding Modern Herbalism

    • Herbalism as a healing modality: some definitions

    • The practice of herbalism: the Herbalist

    • Regulation of herbs & herbalism?

    • Herbal Self Study and Guided Training Options

    • Herbal Career Option Review

    • Making the right choice for yourself

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    Materia Medica: Herbs for Beginners

    • Some of our Favorite Medicinal Plants

    • Growing herbs: kitchen herbalism

    • Brewing tea like a Herbalist

    • Purchasing herbs: being a savvy consumer

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Director, Founder, Lead Instructor

Nicole Telkes

She believes strongly in herbal medicine being “the people’s medicine” and enlists her students and any interested parties in fulfilling her goal of putting “an herbalist in every home.” As a deep ecologist, she focuses on “weedcrafting” bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants in herb practice. She has a great passion for the green path and education. Nicole has taught classes and presented at conferences and symposiums including The Native Plant Society of Texas Symposium; The American Herbalist Guild National Symposium; Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference, International Herb Symposium, and the Moonflower Herbfest She has provided Clinic Support for WTO Seattle, Common Ground Health Clinic and a Sundance Clinic and has been published in Earth First! Journal, Plant Healer, and AHG Newsletter. In 2016, she founded a chapter of Herbalists without Borders for the school. She was a founding member of the Traditions Not Trademark Campaign to Free Fire Cider and won a 4 year federal court battle proving genericism and returning the term back to the herbal community. Nicole is the author of the book the Medicinal Plants of Texas. To schedule an appointment or obtain herbs from Nicole, please contact her through her here or go to