Course curriculum

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    Recordings of Online Classes

    • June 2 Skillshare: Basics of Street Medicine, Chemical Weapons and Herbal First Aid

    • June 7 Skillshare: Aftercare and some of our Favorite Herbs

    • Aug 2 Skillshare: Cultural Compassion, Anti-racism, Wild Oats and Burnout

    • Aug 10 Skillshare Grounding out, and Using Mint Family Plants in Action

    • Aug 16 Ethics, Being a Good Ally in Depth Mugwort, Grief

    • Aug 24 Skillshare

    • Aug 30th Skillshare

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    Resources for Resistance

    • Security Culture and Forming Pods

    • Donations and Mutual Aid

    • Mental Health and Aftercare

    • Aftercare for those that have experienced police violence