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Personalized studies with interactive online community support. Complete online course with videos, assignments, live office hours, and unique ways to learn about holistic, socially responsible herbalism.

  • Built for budding herbalists with unique needs, who may feel resistant to online learning

  • In depth with over 90 common herbs

  • Lessons on common ailments and how to approach them holistically with herbs

  • Important historical figures and traditional remedies including recipes

  • Videos of "Plant Walks" and Demos

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Introductory Course

  • 2

    I Connecting to Earth Rhythms

    • A) Finding a Sit Spot

  • 3

    II Tracing the Family Tree of Holistic Western Herbalism

    • A) The Western Tradition

  • 4

    III How Herbs Work

    • A) The Different Bodies: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Community

  • 5

    IV Sustainable Harvesting: Growing and Collecting Herbs

    • A) Cultivating Medicinal Herbs

  • 6

    V Guidelines for Healthy Living, Holistically

    • A) Prevention: The Gentle Strength of Weeds

  • 7

    VI How to Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

    • A) Tea-Infusions and Decoctions

  • 8

    VII Researching Herbal Medicine

    • A) How to research and critically think

  • 9

    VIII Materia Medica

    • Overview of Introductory Materia Medica

  • 10

    IX Recipes for Resistance

    • Overview of Recipes and Resources

  • 11

    X Resources for Further Study

    • Fiction Books for Herbalists

  • 12

    Homework Due

    • Sit Spot Assignment

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