Start your journey into herbalism with us

Personalized studies with interactive online community support. Complete online course with videos, assignments, live office hours, and unique ways to learn about holistic, socially responsible herbalism. This is Part of our Budding Herbalist Program Bundle. To register click on the bundle.

  • Built for budding herbalists with unique needs, who may feel resistant to online learning

  • In depth with over 90 common herbs

  • Lessons on common ailments and how to approach them holistically with herbs

  • Important historical figures and traditional remedies including recipes

  • Videos of "Plant Walks" and Demos

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Introductory Course

  • 2

    I Connecting to Earth Rhythms

    • A) Finding a Sit Spot

    • B)The Earth as a Being: the Gaia Hypothesis

    • C) The Sun and Seasonal Influences

    • D) Lunar Influences

    • E) Astral Influences

    • Notes for Week 1, Chapter one of the new Ebook

    • Quiz Chapter 1

  • 3

    II Tracing the Family Tree of Holistic Western Herbalism

    • A) The Western Tradition

    • B) A brief timeline of herbal medicine in the West

    • C) Sociopolitical aspects of being a herbalist

    • D) Legalities and where we are heading

    • E) My Fight to Free Fire Cider

    • Chapter 2 Notes: Ebook Download

  • 4

    III How Herbs Work

    • A) The Different Bodies: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Community

    • B Holistic Theories

    • C) Models of Herbal Healing from Across the Globe

    • D) Properties and Actions

    • E) Dose, and Duration

    • F) Safety Considerations

  • 5

    IV Sustainable Harvesting: Growing and Collecting Herbs

    • A) Cultivating Medicinal Herbs

    • B) Holistic Agriculture: Permaculture and Wildscapes

    • C) Weedcrafting/Wildcrafting

    • D) Botanical Identification

    • E) Harvesting, Drying,Storing, Labeling

  • 6

    V Guidelines for Healthy Living, Holistically

    • A) Prevention: The Gentle Strength of Weeds Jan 8

    • B) Going with your Gut: The Ins and Outs of Healthy Digestion

    • C) Shiny Happy Skin

    • D) Detoxifying the Body: Do you need a cleanse?

    • F) Loving your Lungs

    • G) Infections and Immune Health

    • E) Pain from Head to Toe

    • H) Just Relax! Mediating stress, anxiety, and depression

  • 7

    VI How to Make Your Own Herbal Remedies

    • A) About Making Water Extracts-Infusions and Decoctions

    • B Demo: Infusions and Decoctions

    • K) Cooking with Herbs Jan 8

  • 8

    VII Researching Herbal Medicine

    • A) Researching Herbal Medicine and Critical Thinking

    • B) High quality resources to use to research herbal medicine

  • 9

    VIII Materia Medica

    • Materia Medica By Holistic Health Topic Chapter 5

    • Coming Soon: List of All First Aid from Chapter 5 in ABC Order with Actions and Materia Medica

  • 10

    IX Recipes for Resistance

    • About your Recipes

  • 11

    X Resources for Further Study

    • Fiction Books for Herbalists

  • 12

    Submit Materia Medica Homework Here

    • Gentle Strength Herb 1

    • Gentle Strength Herb #2

    • Gentle Strength herb #3